A better way to master your personal finance

With countless apps on the market, it can be hard to choose the best ones. Because downloading all of them and testing one by one would waste too much time, we did it for you. We have tried hundreds of apps focused around budgeting, investing, personal finance, crypto, and more. Furthermore, we tested each with a 57 point checklist to make sure we didn’t miss anything!

100’s of Apps Tested

From investing apps to banking apps, we tried them all. Reviews, tutorials, and comparisons for you to master your money

There are so many apps to help your finances, but which ones are actually best? It is not always as simple as it might seem. We tested countless apps to find the subtle pros and cons that make all the difference.

Stock Investment Apps

Buying stocks should be easy, and with these apps, it is. From research, to trading, these apps make every step of the way simple and clear.


Walking into a bank is a thing of the past. With these banking apps, you can take control of your money and instantly deposit checks from your phone, manage your balance, and much more.


Sometimes, it can be hard to know exactly what you can and cannot afford. Budgeting apps like these can make those quick decisions easier, and can help you to ensure you always stick to your financial plans.

Spare Change Investments

Dollar cost averaging can be an effective way to mitigate volitility in the markets. A simple way to get on top of your investing is with one of these spare change investing apps.


Crypto is wildly popular among investors these days. As such a new concept, it comes with a high risk, high reward potential. These apps make crypro simple and understandable

Peer to Peer Payments

Looking to send money to friends or family? P2P payment apps have become the go-to for charging roommates for utilities, paying family members, and splitting bills at restaurants.